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Dr. Who Dalek Destruction:

Dr.Who Dalek Destruction 

Beneath the Salt Plains of Utah, billionaire collector Henry Van Statten holds the last relic of an extinct alien race, the oldest and deadliest of the Doctor’s foes, a Dalek! When the metal encased mutant escapes its prison and captures Rose, her death seems assured, but surprising everyone, the Dalek spares her. Opening its armored frame to let sunlight play over the pitiful being inside, the creature exhibits tenderness and vulnerability uncharacteristic of its maniacal brethren. When the Doctor arrives to rescue Rose, she pleads for the Dalek, forcing him to choose between compassion and revenge for the extermination of his people.

Sculpted By Weta Workshop's David Tremont and Daniel Cockersell.
Item Size: approx. 13 inches H (320mm) x 11 inches W (280mm) x 12 inches L (300mm)
This is a limited edition of 900 pieces.


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