Anthony Adrian Veilleux

      I have had the pleasure of knowing Anthony for 10 years. I have watched his sculpting talent grow in leaps and bounds, and I am proud to have him as my Head Sculptor.

      I feel Anthony's work has been underrated by many of the Garage Kit critics. If you look at some of his work, you will see a very talented and dedicated Artist who produces pieces with amazing detail and lifelike features.

      Gary White G-Force

      Anthony was born in St. Agathe, Quebec Canada in 1966. His parents of Dutch and French decent were associated with the Armed Forces, thus creating a very nomadic lifestyle which has included a lot of varied influences in his life.

      Art and the love of creation have always been in the forefront of Anthonys life, from making super 8 films in school, doing make-up, sculpting and his current job as a Tattoo Artist.

      At the age of fourteen, Anthony had the privilege of meeting Academy Award winning make-up artist Stephen Dupuis. It was a brief but an enlightening meeting and he has never been the same since.

      At the age of sixteen, Anthony studied theatre and television make-up with the late Philip Benson CBC Manitoba in Winnipeg. Here he learned the proper use of many advanced materials and applications while fine tuning his talent.

      After graduating high school Anthony studied fine art for three years, he worked for local television and theatre productions, doing make-up, writing, directing and editing. He has done commissioned painting of model kits and sculpting for G-Force, Poly Data and Nightmare Collectibles.

      Anthony is presently working as a Tattoo artist in London, Ontario. He also does freelance make-up, painting and sculpting in his spare time.

      Anthony is available to do commissioned sculpting of model kits, action figures or anything else you could want, and in any scale. To get a quote for your idea, please
      EMAIL Gary.




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