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    Ian Dickson

      Solid Space Models

      Born April 20, 1957

      Ian's love for model building has been with him ever since he can remember. As a young lad growing up in Sarnia Ontario, there was little to capture his vivid imagination that could rival the thrill of model kits. Other than of course his love for blowing up things with firecrackers.

      He was enormously influenced by all stop motion type clay animation like Gumby and ALL DINOSAUR MOVIES!!! He loved to try to figure out how they were done and how he could blow them up also. The Thunderbirds rule as did all Jerry Anderson puppet shows. The only type of models available in those days were cars and planes and boats, so he did those and soon the Aurora Monster kits were out and so was his love for all things scary.

      He continued to build and love models into his twenties. As a touring musician with a Canadian Heavy Metal rock band called ANVIL, he had lots of time on his hands. He killed it by building models in strange hotel rooms across North America.

      As his skills improved, people started to notice and that's when he started to get commission work. He could not believe that people would pay him to do what he loved. This also allowed him to work maticoulsly on kits that he wouldn't have bought himself. These projects brought him great experience and helped to develop him into the artist that he is today.

      Since then, Ian has completed countless models for people and stores all over North America and Europe. He has been featured in a national magazine that focused on the art of model building and how it is possible to make a living from it. Although he does not really believe that you can judge one person's work against another, he entered a competition at the famous Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey. For his efforts he was recognized with a plaque for his outstanding work in the Sci Fi Figure category. Ian's work is remarkable. He can resculpt, manipulate and remaster a kit almost beyond recognition. He is forever augmenting existing kits by sculpting bits on or taking things off. He loves to make small additions to the kits and always manages to enhance the original. He paints eyes that look right through you, and teeth that need dental care. They are so realistic that in photographs where you can't see scale, you sometimes believe what you see.

      His skills are a marvel to any of us who are lucky enough to view his fantastic genius.



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