Artist Profiles

      A N T H O N Y  V E I L L E U X
      Anthony Veilleux is an exceptional sculptor and painter and has been sculpting for many years. He has created spectacular pieces for G-Force and other model kit companies. He is also an accomplished SPFX makeup and Tattoo artist. His recent work includes the incredible Sayer of the Law from the Island of Dr. Moreau, General Chang from Star Trek VI, and the Backwoods Butcher (for Nightmare Collectables, Michigan). [ more ]

      Scott HerelIn 1998, Scott turned his artistic abilities towards sculpting and produced the "Raised by the Demons" kit for G-Force. Although this was his first official attempt at sculpting, "Raised by the Demons" is G-Force's most popular kit to date. [ more ]

      I A N  D I C K S O N
      G-Force is pleased to be associated with Ian Dickson. Ian's love for model building has been with him ever since he can remember. As a young lad growing up in Sarnia Ontario, there was little to capture his vivid imagination that could rival the thrill of model kits. Other than of course his love for blowing up things with firecrackers. [ more ]

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